We Make the
Impossible Possible

Impossible Optics

Whether it’s a tight spec, tight delivery or ramping up to large quantities, we work with you to make the impossible possible. Here’re just a few examples of some of the seemingly impossible situations that we’ve worked through with our customers.

· Damage Thresholds of up to 100 J/cm2

· Actual Coating Absorption of < 1ppm!

· High-Energy High-Reflector Coatings

· Coatings that Survive up to 1000° C

· Multi-element Ti:Sapphire Assembly — Completely Epoxy-Free!

· Monolithic Assemblies with λ/20 TWD

· Quick Ramp-up from 1,000 to 30,000 Units per Month

· Thickness Tolerances of ±100 Atoms

· YAG Chip Laser with Cladding on All Sides

Keep checking back here for more stories of the impossible being made possible!